We love people from all places and believe that in the thrift store environment, loving our neighbor means treating every customer with the same hospitality and service that we would like to receive.  We're all about creating the best thrift experience by caring at every opportunity!


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Our unique pricing system is designed to move our inventory fast!  Items placed on the floor begin at great thrift prices and are further discounted each week until they are almost given away!  We use a color-coded price tag system that makes it easy to identify how much each item has been discounted each week.  Find a great item and buy it right away, or wait until the price is right. But don't wait too long, someone else might have their eye on the same item!

  • Week 1: New Arrival
  • Week 2: Great Thrift Store Price
  • Week 3: 25% off
  • Week 4: 50% off
  • Week 5: 50 cents