How can generosity transform a community?


Collaboration, generosity, and a passion to create the best thrift experience by caring at every opportunity make Adelante Thrift an exciting component of Mission Adelante's strategy for community transformation.  We provide amazing second-hand items at fantastic prices, job-readiness training for employees and community members, and we use our "profits" to support sustainable community development in our Kansas City, Kansas neighborhood.




From clothing to furniture, appliances, and nearly any other household item imaginable, Adelante Thrift can turn your treasures into community transformation.  Drop-off items at our store or at one of several churches in the Kansas City Metro area. Special pick-ups can be arranged for some items.

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Partnership and collaboration are the secret ingredients to sustainable community development.  Adelante Thrift offers service opportunities for individuals, groups, churches, schools and businesses on nearly every day of the week.  From sorting to pricing and even helping with our job readiness class, there's a spot for everyone!

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We have amazing items at fantastic prices!  And, our innovative pricing system means that if your favorite item doesn't sell in the first week on our floor, it's price will be cut each week until we're practically giving it away!  When you shop at Adelante Thrift, you win and our community wins!

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Check out our video, hear from our Executive Director, and get a glimpse of our ministry in action.  

It's a mission field in our own backyard, and new friends from other places are connecting with Jesus, growing, and being equipped to lead and make an impact in our urban Kansas City neighborhood.

Lock arms with us and be transformed with our community!




Thrift is open forward ...

Monday - Saturday

9:00am to 7:00pm

close on Sundays

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Our Loyalty Program has been cancelled and replaced with the rewards stamps card.






Adelante Thrift is  located a half mile east of 635 and State Avenue on the Northeast corner of 38th Street and State Avenue.



Monday - Saturday 9:00am - 7:00pm

3720 State Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas 66102