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Our Roots

Adelante Thrift has its roots in Mission Adelante, a non-profit committed to serving and empowering immigrants and refugees in the community. Before Adelante Thrift, most of what Mission Adelante was doing was on an individual level and we had a growing desire to serve the community on a larger scale. We wanted to serve more people, help bring more economic self-sustaining life into the community, and generate income for Mission Adelante so we could continue serving individuals with all of our hearts. Adelante Thrift was our answer, but it was a long road ahead.

It took almost a year to find the building that would become Adelante Thrift, and as the location at the time was in a nearly abandoned strip mall, we spent several more months rehabilitating and reconstructing the place to make it warm and welcoming. The first year after the opening was a struggle as we found our footing, and we lost money. It was not until three years after our open in 2015 that we started turning a profit, but we at Adelante Thrift are grateful for every moment of that time. We’ve watched a dream turn into a reality, and we are proud now to be the thriving store we are today, where people of all cultures can come and feel at home. And we are grateful to every one of you for making it possible.




Why Thrift?

Thrift was no accident. Many refugees come to the country with little more than papers. Thrift’s low costs allow people, no matter where they come from, to have the dignity of providing for themselves and their families and knowing that they are part of a community. There was also a need for a thrift store as resettlement was booming and there was only one other thrift store in the area. Finally, thrift stores bring others together by functioning through donations, volunteers, and shoppers. And so, our mission drove us to choose thrift as a space where community could be uplifted, supported, and dignified by every person.


3720 State Avenue Kansas City, KS 66102

Monday - Saturday 9:00am - 7:00 pm

(913) 499-7215