Our Mission

To provide a unique shopping experience, promote job creation and support community transformation through the profits.


Core Values

Love for neighbor: We believe that God’s call to love our neighbor is at the heart of all His commands and finds a special expression in the way we extend hospitality and exceptional service to people from all places.

Generosity:  We believe that generosity has the power to transform individual lives and entire communities.  We will be generous and promote generosity with time, talent, and treasure both within and outside our neighborhood.

Work: We believe that God designed work for mankind to enjoy from the beginning of creation.  Work promotes God-given dignity, contributes to the needs of our community, and sustains individuals and families financially.

Developing People: We believe that developing individuals to reach their potential in the workplace is a critical part of community transformation.  We will emphasize equipping and empowering people from our community.

Partnership: We believe that the opportunities and challenges in our community are God-sized, and that meeting them will require partnerships and collaboration both inside and outside our neighborhood.

Innovation: We believe that urban business as ministry requires fresh ideas and new approaches.  We will promote a culture of innovation that encourages creative solutions for unique circumstances.