Do you want to be a part of transforming your community by using your team-building and systems gifts in a successful, urban business-as-ministry initiative?

Organizational Overview

Adelante Thrift, Inc. is a new thrift store in Kansas City, KS that builds partnerships to provide quality products, promotes employee development and entrepreneurism, and uses its proceeds to support community development through Mission Adelante, Inc.

Position Description  

We are seeking a hard-working person with strong equipping and team-building skills and high competency in managing production systems. The ideal candidate will excel at creating a staff and volunteer culture that is both productive and relational.  

Strengths and Personality

  • Ideal StrengthsFinder Traits: Arranger, Maximizer, Developer, Achiever, Analytical,  (Lead with Execution strengths but supported by People traits)

  • Ideal Leadership Mix: 30% building relationships, 25% strategic thinking, 40% execution (Top performers are typically about 1/3 “People” oriented and 2/3 “thinking/doing”)

  • Ideal Personality Traits: Orderly, Focused, Dependable, Confident, Encouraging, Genuine.

Major Responsibilities and Key Accountabilities

  • Production [70%]: Supervise staff and volunteers to execute the production processes in the store, including receiving, sorting, pricing, and stocking.

  • Inventory Acquisition and Management [15%]: Manage donation drives, pick-ups, and warehouse functions.

  • Facilities [5%]: Oversee cleaning of the production area; monitor production equipment and vehicle maintenance/regulations; maintain warehouse agreements and access; acquire supplies for the warehouse and production area.

  • Volunteer Management [10%]: Work with volunteer leaders, host volunteer teams and individuals, and communicate effectively with volunteers to create an enjoyable, productive, and inspiring volunteer experience for those serving in operations.  This responsibility is also embedded in each of the other responsibilities.


Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum Education Required: High School Graduate

  • Language: English proficiency is required

  • Minimum Years of Relevant Work Experience: 1 year of supervisory experience

  • Physical Job Requirements: Lift and carry 50 lbs., Must pass a department of Transportation physical exam.

Ideal / Preferred Characteristics

  • Strong task/people mix -The ideal candidate is able to relate well with people while maintaining a high value on productivity.

  • Systems thinker/executor- This person naturally understands systems and how to make them run efficiently and effectively.

  • Strong team-building and equipping skills- This person leads by working alongside, enjoys developing others, and creates positive team dynamics with staff and volunteers.

  • Self-Starter and problem-solver: This person takes ownership of his/her areas of responsibility, is highly-motivated, and proactively identifies and solves problems.

  • Ability to allocate human resources effectively- This person discerns the strengths of team members and volunteers and is able to match them effectively with roles and needs in the operations context.

  • Multi-tasking- Ability to manage a variety of tasks and projects simultaneously

  • Cross Cultural Competency:  This person is culturally flexible and is able to work well with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

  • Understanding of Thrift Store products and pricing: The ideal candidate has a strong grasp on Thrift Store products, best practices, price ranges.

  • Volunteer Management Experience:  This individual has experience working with volunteer groups in suburban and urban contexts.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Competencies

  • Effective team-building and supervisory skills

  • Managing systems for efficiency and productivity

  • Managing volunteer groups and individuals

  • Strong written and interpersonal communication skills

  • Organizing tasks and projects and allocating resources appropriately.

Nature and Scope

  • Reports To: General Manager

  • Number of Direct Reports: Up to 7 FTE’s

Job Requirements

  • Physical Environment: 80% of the time will be spent in the store, while the other 20% will be within the city and/or work at the warehouse.

  • Saturdays are required work days

  • A typical week is five work days, including Saturday and one or two evenings.  Occasionally Sunday afternoons are required to receive donations from church donation drives or volunteer groups.

Next Steps

  • If interested, please submit your resume to Antoine Dunn,