Kids Lead the Way in Giving To Launch Adelante Thrift!

Maybe you’ve heard the news; Mission Adelante is opening a thrift store in our neighborhood! Adelante Thrift represents individual transformation becoming community transformation, doing with rather than doing for, and a sustainable funding model for community development.  Guess who's thrown their hats in the ring to support this effort first; kids from our Bhutanese and Latino ministries!  

Shortly after we had signed a lease on the thrift store space, and the announcement had been made that the project was a go, our kids ministries mobilized to lead the way in giving to help reach our goal of $250,000 by December 31st.  Kids raided their piggy banks (and their parents' piggy banks), collected spare change from between cushions in their couches, and gave generously to be part of realizing this dream of starting a business-as-ministry project that can belong to our entire community.  Over $200 was given by kids from our own community.  Though $200 may not sound like a lot of money in light of the goal, for our kids it represents a sacrifice and a tangible investment as stakeholders in this new initiative.  They will be co-owners of a thrift store!

As we round the corner into Christmas week, the kids from our community are being joined by participants in our house churches, members of the Mission Adelante board and the Adelante Thrift board, Mission Adelante staff members, partner churches, volunteers, and donors from across the city.  As of December 22, we have commitments totaling about $220,000 and are trusting in the Lord to provide the rest of the funds needed to meet our start-up budget of $250,000.  We invite you to join together with the kids of Mission Adelante and our entire community in supporting the launch of Adelante Thrift.  Please visit and choose "Adelante Thrift."