About Us

Adelante Thrift is a neighborhood thrift store in Kansas City, Kansas that builds partnerships to provide quality products, promotes employee development and entrepreneurism, and uses its proceeds to support community development through Mission Adelante.  


Adelante Thrift believes that the opportunities and challenges in our community are God-sized, and that meeting them will require partnerships and collaboration both inside and outside our neighborhood. Members of our community have participated in the vision for Adelante Thrift and now support Adelante Thrift by working on our team, volunteering in the store, and donating to our store. 

Our external partners support Adelante Thrift with their time, talent, and treasures. We are blessed with strong partnerships with churches across the Kansas City metro area.

Developing People

We believe that developing individuals to reach their potential in the workplace is a critical part of community transformation. We emphasize equipping and empowering people from our community. We achieve through several avenues: employment and job training.

Several community members are staff members on our Adelante Thrift team. We believe that employing individuals from our community promotes dignity, contributes to the needs of our community, and sustains that individual and his/her family. We encourage our team members to grow as individuals and as employees.

We recognize some in our community do not have the work history and skills that employers are looking for and provide job training to employees and others participating our our job training program. By focusing on US work culture, transferable skills, and providing opportunities to practice their new knowledge, program participants grow as individuals and build their resume for future employment.

We also support the business dreams of our community and provide space for entrepreneurs to launch their ideas. Occasionally, pop-up sales by community run business occur within Adelante Thrift.

Sustainable Community Development

Our goal is community impact. That is why our business model focuses on exceptional product and customer service. We know that by providing the best thrift experience in town, we will provide a dignified shopping experience that has a positive impact to our bottom line and allows us to support the other community development initiatives of Mission Adelante. Learn more about the ministries we support here